Is “Anonymous” unwittingly ruining the Sandra Bland case?

Sandra Bland and the so-called vigilantes for justice,

Sandra Bland and the so-called vigilantes for justice, “Anonymous”

Recently, Counter Current News has published a story on “Anonymous”, a purported group looking for justice in the Sandra Bland death.

Anonymous reveals that they have hacked into the Waller County Sheriff’s Department computer systems. What they came up with was virtually… nothing.

One would think when a clandestine group aligning themselves in social media masks and an attempt to mirror a Wiki Leaks-like covert operation, that they would end up revealing secrets the rest of the nation should somehow be made aware of. Revelations that codes of conduct were violated and corruption lay thick behind the county sheriff walls.

Anonymous announces an aggressive stance, trying to coordinate #OpSandraBland and warning of a wide range of “attacks” and fronts for hitting the Waller County Sheriff’s Department on behalf of Sandra.

But are all of these efforts just a juvenile attempt to call attention to a cause, while unknowingly undermining the cause as well?  Essentially what I am asking is, are the people behind “Annonymous aka #OpSandraBland” well, err… stupid?

Point #1: Hacking Waller County Sherrif’s computers but coming up with no damaging evidence… and then admitting to this.

Recently, the Sandra Bland family submitted paperwork to start a federal investigation into Sandra Bland’s death.   The claim faults the state trooper who arrested Ms. Bland and the Waller County jail guards who were supposed to keep watch.

Part of what the prosecution could claim in a federal case is whether or not the Waller County Sheriff’s Department followed state protocols, engaged in a department cover-up or partook in other racially charged behavior that could reveal the department to be unanimously culpable in unlawful conduct. Often, in circumstantial cases the quality of the evidence or the lack of evidence can help sway a judge or jury in criminal or civil decisions.

What Anonymous has essentially done is concluded they are a hacking authority that essentially commanded their own independent investigation and came up with… nothing.

Not only did they come up with nothing, what instead they revealed was various police officers names, phone numbers, addresses and salaries in an attempt to completely intimidate the police force, city and state workers in their commitment to their “Day of Rage”, on behalf of Sandra Bland.

Essentially, one could argue, Anonmyous is trying to instigate acts of domestic terrorism.

Point #2: Anonymous only reveals information anyone could find in an Internet search.

Producing the names, addresses, phone numbers and salaries are easy enough these days with search engines like or Heck, Google Earth can produce photos of folks homes, lawn trees and bushes. By professing to have “hacked” into state agency computers, one would like to think these cyber terrorists (or some could say “activists”) should have produced something more than what is already available on the Internet! Essentially, if Anonymous is caught, they would have committed a federal crime leading to perhaps 12 years in prison, for confiscating information easily downloadable by someone with average computer skills using public software and information… aka… my own mother.

So not only did Anonymous reveal how un savvy they are, they revealed that they couldn’t find any damaging evidence aiding the Sandra Bland family in their investigation. By playing their hand hoping their international web of cyber hacking can put fears into the hearts of men, they unwittingly revealed they committed several federal crimes when a child could have produced the same evidence by breaking ZERO federal crimes.

I mean, essentially, “Anonmyous” held a grocery store clerk at gun point demanding free food while the clerk was already handing out free samples!

Point #3: Undermining the prosecution.

By Anonymous announcing their own investigation which they declared access to all of the Waller Police Department files, they have unwittingly given the defense a mountain of ammunition and help minimize the chances the Bland family demanding a large settlement figure.

Often, it’s what the defense can’t produce that a clever prosecutor can use to their advantage. When internal documentation is suppressed by the defense, the prosecution can call foul. When internal memos are ruled inadmissible, the prosecution can cry cover-up. In circumstantial cases, these are the weapons prosecutors can use to sway a judge or especially a jury that the victims or their families are engulfed in a much larger conspiracy. Hence, a demand for larger monetary damages.

In criminal cases, if there is reasonable doubt, the defense often wins. But in civil cases, the prosecution has far more flexibility in proving negligence. Even if the defense is completely innocent of suggested charges, settlements often take place to avoid the costly and long drawn out legal battles.

By Anonymous announcing their big brother super spies have accessed all Waller County Sherrif inner workings, they are deflating the prosecutions ability to suggest wrong doing. Therefore, this undermines the prosecution’s ability to bargain.

Now the defense has the upper hand. Can’t you imagine a defense attorney crying, “but your honor, the public already engaged in an independent investigation by ANONYMOUS and even according to their own data leaks, they revealed NOTHING! And when their criminal enterprise of cyber hacking produced nothing, they and the general public engaged in death threats to all of our men and women in uniform!”

Anonymous is essentially revealing they have no real ideas of how the legal system works. They demand rights when they don’t understand legal formalities. They have made the Bland family legal battle more difficult. They have revealed themselves to be sloppy criminals with a terroristic-like agenda.

If any harm comes to any of the officers or their family members through Anonymous publicly revealing their personal details, while coinciding this information with their own declared “Day of Rage”, a judge or jury could view a settlement on behalf of the Bland family a wash.

Anonymous has also made themselves a target to criminal and civil lawsuits if any harm comes to any of the officers or family members of the Waller County Sheriff’s Department.

The Waller Police Department can now sue Anonymous for security breaches. They could sue for their entire department to get new computers and other gizmos.

One would think a smart hacker would only reveal information that would advance a cause and only incriminate themselves if the information they gathered was highly confidential.

It’s almost as if Anonymous broke into someone’s home in the middle of the night, without a mask on, and then purposely woke the family up, turned on all the lights to reveal their grand master plan! Stupid.

It’s almost as if Anonymous stole somebody’s iPhone then took a bunch of selfies and videos announcing they did the crime, which then leads authorities straight to the phone’s GPS, besides clear photos of the suspects.

Anonymous just might be discovered rather soon… because they don’t seem to be that smart.

The authorities are now probably already onto who Anonymous really is, and just waiting to build their case before arresting them.

My advice, if you want #Justice4SandraBland, unfollow #OpSandraBland by Anonymous. They don’t understand the basics in coordinating efforts against the corrupt establishment. They end up doing more harm than good.

Worst of all, they’re just stupid, stupid criminals.

Like, dumb dumbs.

Like, all they had to do was not announce to the world they hacked!


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