Happy New Year with a BANG: NRA new poster baby shoots momma at Wal-Mart


I went to high school in Montana. Small town. Like there were more cattle than people. Everyone owned a gun.

Kids would get drunk and shoot each other all the time. Shoot each other drunken gopher hunting was a very popular way to wound, kill or paralyze a classmate.

People are born with so much promise to walk the moon or blow their friend’s face off out of sheer stupidity.

People feel this connection to “their past” of frontiersmen or their “forefathers”, but they have literally no concept of their history.

If you were lucky enough to live through cholera, chicken pox, the Black Plague and random fever… If you were bold enough to travel through America by horse to find a plot of land… You were in a new America. A land of unknown. An America of lawlessness. An America where depending on what Native American group you came in contact with you were the enemy or a curiosity. An America where rape was a way of nabbing a woman and feminism came in the form of very few and a whore was a legitimate business woman.

And the biggest threat of all was other white American men. Unlike the psychotic form of PC ethnic cleansing we have today, where people scream #whiteprivilege #culturalappropiation like they’ve solved some big riddle – the new America was a nasty place of opportunists. Various white men of European backgrounds willing to kill another white man for a plot of land, take his cattle, take his wife, daughter, gold, can of beans. Not exactly the life of “privilege”.

And what about wildlife? Bears, foxes… Rabid chicken hawks.
(I’m throwing in some jokes here).

And of course the obvious, NO FRICKING GROCERY STORES! Hello!

But, now what is the need?

Unless you’re a hunter (and I don’t consider Sarah Palin with a helicopter and machine gun a hunter), unless you’re a hunter – what is the point of having a gun?

Protection? We have cops.
Terrorists? We have the world’s strongest military. How does a military jet with bombs compare to a beretta?

So momma is going to Wal-Mart with a pocket pistol. In Idaho? What is she afraid of, Mathew Shepard’s killers are going to mistake her for a gay man and deny her the latest in Jaclyn Smith slacks or Martha Stewart bed linen?

I don’t get it!

And if the point is owning a gun is an American right, I think people need to read American history again.

But you can’t write into law “be sensible”, when being a jackass is also an American right.

Toddler shot mother dead… Truly an American success story which proclaims our love of guns and the power of the NRA! Baby should be their new poster child of heroes!

And now that toddler can grow up with the most deranged identity crisis! “I killed my mother!”

Happy New Year! 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫😜

<a href="http://Toddler Shoot Mom At Wal-MartIMG_5578.JPG“>Toddler Shoots & Kills Mother at Wal-Mart!


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