“Pacific Rim”, Future Grim, Play Outdoors Instead of Going In


I’m posting an article I totally disagree with (linked at the bottom) – “Pacific Rim” was so mindless I wanted to stab myself to remind myself I was still alive.

Del Toro’s monsters are all starting to look identical. Cinematically, some of the visuals were very dynamic and layered – but also muddled, dark, cluttered and confusing.
The storyline was as riveting as watching a suspicious teenager at McDonald’s render your order. The characters’ lines were less imaginative than watching toddlers debate how to make sand castles. It’s no surprise the male and female leads don’t even kiss, for nothing in this film honestly drives any real swagger or climax.

Having a movie take place entirely in Hong Kong when the entire cast looks like they reside in Seattle is culturally rude, ignorant and arrogant. There is a female lead who is Japanese and though considered an ultimate fighter, is rather the ultimate submissive Asian female stereotype – I mean she clutches books like a school girl… Really???

Idris Elba should probably get more star vehicles out of this film for the single scene of telling someone repeatively “don’t touch me” (linked below), when that’s exactly the label that should have been stamped on this script.

The one area the film did amaze me was how the cgi masters effectively represented weight, gravity and bulk proportionate to the supposed size of the towering robotics and beastly, intergalactic chupacabras. So many special effect films defy gravity and weight, rendering action sequences to look more like cartoons than executions in heightened realism. And this is often times ironic when a “live action” movie is being made from a comic or cartoon. Luckily, “Pacific Rim” didn’t falter in the gravity department.

It was rather upsetting to be in an audience of young people, who will one day repopulate via intercourse, and saturate the world with more mindless drones who value something so simplistic they make cow grazing and watching paint dry must do’s on a bucket list.

I’m in a lukewarm bath, with a bottle of bourbon in one hand and a razor in the other contemplating… Was it really worth it?

ReThink Review: Pacific Rim — Robots vs. Monsters FTW Jonathan KimJul 12, 2013

“Don’t You Ever Touch Me Again” Clip


2 thoughts on ““Pacific Rim”, Future Grim, Play Outdoors Instead of Going In

  1. Lol, I think you missed your calling…you should be a film critic!!! I’ll go see it anyway because sometimes you just need mindless entertainment and l was never expecting this to be an Oscar worthy film. Plus I could stare at Idris Elba all day long.

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