Momma Grizzly Grooms Cub to Scrub: A Portrait of the Capitalist Woman

Sarah Palin. I vowed to many never to make a single post of her again.

This vow stemmed from the frustration that the only way to make her go away was to ignore her. Alas, she’s still doing her cutesy pie, condescending, non-nonsensical, grammar impaired tour of the U S of A. Instead of completing her job as Governor of Alaska, she decided to cash in and ride the commerce train of free speech. She invents words. She constantly bastardizes grammar like a rapper. You never know if there will ever be a period at the end of any sentence.

In too many American’s minds, they feel as if government has lost touch with the blue collar “everyman” and therefore, this “every woman” who talks from the hip is an extension of them. Having an educated leader is not what they want. These folks want some six-pack, gun loving, let’s get rid of those illegals, leader who helps define their own values and frustrations. Who can blame them? Government and big corporations are filled to the brim with ivy league graduates who can’t govern and need bail out money to survive.

Feeling validated by your leaders is important.

Sarah Palin, to me, is indicative of everything that is wrong in our American society today. My explanation for why characters like her are so prevalent in American society is due to some of the faults of, well, dare I say, capitalism.

Now look, this isn’t going to be a black and white attempt to speak about the flaws of capitalism. This isn’t a pro-socialist or pro-communist opinion. There are gray areas of capitalism. The flaws of capitalism are actually the flaws of man. Morals, ethics, and standards are what we bring to our democracy. Our morals, ethics, and standards are elements in our capitalist country. It’s one thing to work hard, earn your keep, and prosper, but it’s quite another to break federal laws, outsource to countries with various human rights violations, cheat, lie, beg and steal.

In our consumer market of supply and demand and cost efficiency, I feel as if the market has been catering so much to the dumb down mentality, that dare I say, the stupid now control the market.

There is a greater demand more than ever of reality tv, which has much lower production costs and lower salaries for the “reality stars” compared to that of scripted, fictional productions. The reality television world has a more interactive, immediate feel which often does not emulate the world of utter fantasy created by fictional scripts and characters. The reality television world is more reactionary and provoking. It’s a world of eating bugs, losing weight, getting drunk and punching someone in the face. This is what producers are telling us we want by our demands. We want shows about food competitions, where we can neither taste or smell the food, but we are glued to the outcome. The story lines are about the immediate, the now. The shows last a few seasons, if they’re lucky. The networks are cashing in, even if the “real” lives are forever left in shambles. Who cares, right? People want to make asses of themselves, it’s fine, it’s to our enjoyment!

We’ve become oh so cynical…

Many downtown areas in small towns are ghost towns due to the corporate retail giants that build their superstores selling cheap goods made in China. If you call your bank, you’re usually getting India or the Philippines. The signs have all been there all along that former American jobs have been taken overseas in order to save money. Pay people pennies and assemble goods in places where there is no overtime, or livable wages… that’s the way to do it…

Then there’s the “immigrant”. The immigration debate is this elephant created by Americans looking to hire people for pennies for manual labor. Enter the Mexicans. They have been getting invitations for decades to work in the US. They are and have been hired. You cannot blame the illegal who has basically had a job all lined up for him by American employers. Employers are breaking the rules. Employers want to save money because they want to make big money.

Our stupid consumers then help dictate what’s going to be on the news. News organizations want to make money. They want to keep people interested. They reach to our lowest common denominators. To watch a professional news program that mentions Dr. Ali Abdussalam Treki and Snooki from the Jersey Shore should be an outrage… but it’s common place now… even, expected.

So our media outlets picked up on the Palin Factor and ran with it. I know people who thought she’s a complete moron but voted for McCain and Palin in the 2008 election because they thought Sarah would eventually become President and they’d like to see that train wreck. They actually voted for her because they think she’s a mess. How our votes matter…

Sarah skipped out on being governor to chase the American dollar. If China is willing to pay her, she’ll even do speaking engagements overseas. She has mobilized her brief thoughts via FaceBook. Whether she is spreading misinformation about “our forefathers” beliefs or dodging questions about what information she reads, it no longer matters. There is a vast American mentality that our world leader doesn’t need to read. They don’t even have to lead, they can just Twitter.

To me, this is all anarchy and nonsense… but alas, this is our flaw.

The greed for saving a dollar, the greed for dumping one’s government position to chase cash, the need to buy the cheapest goods even if this means losing your job, community, and old traditional way of life, is fine up until the crap hits the fan.

The crap has hit the fan.

This is the problem with capitalism. The human flaw. The part of humans that is lazy, mean spirited, uneducated and unaware.

To me, it’s all summed up in this attached video.

An Alaskan woman has put up a banner denouncing Sarah Palin as a good governor. Palin’s perky, condescension beams with the mega-wattage most of us have come to expect. Palin humors herself when the woman chides Palin for giving up being governor to be a celebrity. Palin allows her daughter to defend her by saying her mother is now working not for just Alaska, but apparently for the entire country. When it is revealed the woman putting up her banner is a teacher, Sarah rolls her eyes, scoffs, chuckles, winces, then probably realized what an “everywoman” bitch she was being then tries to smooth the delivery over with “we probably have a lot in common”.

And in the spirit of bipartisanship, I realize, Hillary was alienating millions of women when she announced she didn’t stay home baking cookies.

It can be argued by many a cynic that all politicians are greedy bastards and that Sarah Palin is no different than any other unethical litany of politicians. What she is not is America’s “everywoman” or “everyman”. She is no longer a blue collar, momma grizzly. She is, in fact, a product name and corporation. She is a sales person who is selling to the disenfranchised and making a profit. She is part of the reality, carnival freak show. She knows nothing about geography, philosophy, morals or ethics. She knows very little about our “forefathers”, who most were deists. She doesn’t like to read, otherwise answering such a simple question wouldn’t have been a hassle (my God, she went to school for journalism herself!). She’s a sham.

But she is a Sham-Wow.

Sarah Palin has inspired so many to open that door, step outside, and completely mock intelligence like it was an evil developed by satan.

But people adore her, the media plays her, and hence there is a profit.

So, going back to my original thinking, I can’t give this woman any more attention… but watch the clip, and see a capitalist woman mock a teacher in front of her own daughter… excellent family values on display…

But it can all be justified… she’s doing it FOR THE MONEY!!!


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