“GOTCHA” Politics… Starring John McCain, featuring “Joe the Plumber”, background vocals by Sarah Palin


If you don’t know by now, Joe the Plumber is really Sam Wurzelbacher who is 34, owes $1,261 in back taxes, isn’t a licensed plumber, doesn’t like the ideal of Yankees (not the team), and voted in his first primary last year as a registered Republican. (Check out Bloomberg.com’s article then some blogger follow up at The Zoo or if you STILL don’t trust me, try this Australian article)

Wow… hot darn biscuits… I thought Joe the Plumber was older (I’m 34 too) and wiser, but I guess he’s dumb and dumber.
I feel slightly sad for this guy because ULTIMATELY, before the press or even John McCain ran with this story, they should have researched this guy before thrusting him into the spotlight of lunacy.
But, Joe the Plumber (Sam) is symbolic to me. He symbolizes the McCain Campaign… this notion of just using ignorant scare tactics and doing their best to resemble the common man (Joe) is just a feeble attempt to APPEAR like one is honorable and caring about the masses, thus propelling oneself to APPEAR as the ultimate American.
These sort of emotional outbursts, backed by this notion of personal righteousness is nauseating. This idea that Obama is this secret evil, shady character, untrustworthy should start to dissolve since it seems the ones not to trust these days are those claiming outrage under false pretense.
This addiction to be heard, or famous, or provocative and having no ground to stand on needs to stop.
To think, “Joe the Plumber” was McCain’s big talking piece at his final debate, and “Joe” turned out to be some self-serving douche bag.
I thank the bloggers for doing the homework that not even McCain’s Intelligence and handlers could properly analyze… God for bid he gets wind of some WMDs somewhere from inaccurate government reporting.
Well, maybe McCain actually knew “Joe” was just a red-herring (kind of like Joe 6-Pack)…

I think it’s called “Gotcha” Politics.  Sick.


9 thoughts on ““GOTCHA” Politics… Starring John McCain, featuring “Joe the Plumber”, background vocals by Sarah Palin

  1. First, I don’t see how that’s Socialism. Second, we have many Socialism type principles at work already like law enforcement, firefighters, and I’m sure you’re not against that… and didn’t we all just bail out our banking institutions over deregulations?

    Look, intelligence dictates you can form an argument or opposing idea without provoking an absolute falsehood. Joe the Plumber was misrepresenting himself – and McCain ran with it. McCain could have used the same arguments without dragging this Sam or Joe or whoever he is into it. I mean, for all we know, Sam could be a serial killer, crystal meth addict, or wife abuser… or he could be the next Messiah. Either which way, McCain hindered a good majority of his platform on this guy… it’s like turning OJ Simpson into a civil rights leader… and we know how that turned out.

  2. Cops and firefighters are a function of socialism? Insulting. When I was out there putting out fires I didn’t think I was being a socialist, and I would have liked to see what would have happened if you had called any of US “socialists” for serving our community. By the way, what have YOU done for your community lately? Oh, and, Joe is contesting $1,200 in taxes, not “thousands” and gee, how does that make the rest of YOUR claims look, that YOU didn’t get YOUR facts straight before posting this vicious blog? Joe speaks for me, whether or not he owes taxes and no matter when he first voted or who for. And don’t you DARE tell me what intelligence dictates.

  3. Well, cops and firefighters are part of state and local government… not really capitalist… Not really a money maker there… and what is your deal with Socialism? My gosh, is this another evil term? Another axis of evil thing? Are French Fries next?

    First, my friend (can I call you that), you’re assuming a lot here. I too come from a family of military (both male and female), police officers, firefighters, and teachers. If I overstated “thousands” I stand by that, for I have links from 2 serious minded sources (Bloomberg and News.com) and one blogger who I can’t suggest doesn’t have an agenda. If you look further into my site, you’ll see I wrote up a piece about Ann Coultier’s Fembots. This site is my personal site and I have comedy all over it. I’m not the leading expert nor claim to be. So yes, I said thousands instead of a thousand and some change… so I do apologize to Joe the Plumber, who isn’t a certified plumber or really named Joe, so I don’t know if he was actually going to buy any business of any sort since he can’t pay off his debts to the state and he hasn’t bother to get a license (which would probably be step #1).

    What I have always liked about America is their major capitalistic advantage in this notion of ‘come one, come all’. This country has such diversity in politics, revenues, and spirit.

    Suggesting that we use programs to help better our country is wonderfully fantastic. If a socialist type program works better in one country, then maybe it can work for ours. We can pick and choose, no?

    So, my friend, I don’t know what you’re up in a huff and puff about… you’re defending a guy who’s pretending to be what he’s not… and I, in no way, am pretending to be anything more than a conversationalist.

    Oh, and the last thing I did for my community? I became a New York Tenant Advocate and took a slum lord, landlord to court, got 60 apartments with over 180 tenants rent reductions, helped get the faulty wiring and burst pipes remodeled and fixed, and did this for close to a year… without pay.

    Unfortunately, the one thing I couldn’t do was convince my best friend to stop using drugs… to that, I will feel as if I’ve never done enough.

    So, I’ll vote Obama on Nov 4th, and the struggle to make this a good life will still continue.

  4. I totally agree… McCain was much funnier than Obama and he poked fun at himself much more… but, it still creeps me out how dirty politics can get and then everybody is having a big dinner, joking about how they attack each other… kind of creepy…

  5. Can I just add… all you folks screaming about SOCIALISM…

    How do you run your households? I hope it’s more like a dictatorship… cause these days, kids need all the guidance in the world…

    The beauty of this country is we can change it up… agree?

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