In a recent Katie Couric interview, Palin made the leap of a GOP lifetime, by mentioning she has a long-time friend who is a lesbian. She further stated that she doesn’t judge gay people, that she doesn’t think of her friend as a ‘gay’ friend, but as a ‘friend’ friend, and that SHE herself didn’t make THAT choice… choice in being gay I suppose… which makes me think, “did this ever cross her mind… being gay?”

In my opinion, human sexuality is one of those scary frontiers that folks would rather avoid discussion… spending millions on NASA research and underwater exploration makes more sense. Donating thousands of dollars to your local tax-free church makes more sense than checking out a free library book on adolescent sexuality. But I digress…

So, let’s go with this approach. Let’s say we throw caution to the wind and collectively decide, human sexuality is determined at birth. THEREFORE, wouldn’t a homosexual child qualify as a ‘Special Needs’ child?

I know, I know, I’m opening up a can of hostile worms here especially since there are some defense attorneys who would also like to align criminal behavior as predetermined, alcoholism as predetermined, as the same way cheating spouses (usually men) like to say their promiscuity was predetermined.

So, people born with physical and mental disabilities are not deviants (though in the dark ages they’d say otherwise), but homosexuals are. They made THAT choice.

So back to the ideal that sexuality is determined at birth… can we, or I, or you, or somebody make the case that homosexuals are also ‘Special Needs’ people as well, especially if human sexuality is determined – at conception?

I mean, it makes no sense to me that homosexuals are deviants, for heterosexuals are the only group that can physically create them (maybe gays come from deviant pre-marital sex… which, in that case, Bristol BEWARE).

Perhaps Sarah Palin will come to this conclusion herself and become the most aggressive, staunch advocate for gay rights because, GAYS ARE SPECIAL NEEDS PEOPLE.

She’ll finally have another party to celebrate her lipstick with. Cool beans.

Special Needs VICTIM
Special Needs COUPLE (it would be nice if Samantha could have legal visitation if Lindsy ends up in rehab, the hospital, or if they have a baby).
Advocate for ‘Special Needs’ peoples… “I am, what I am!”


  1. Though I cannot say I agree with you or disagree with you(on anything, really), I have to give you credit- you write very eloquently! I always appreciate a good piece of literature, even if I heartily disagree with it…. one thing I will agree with you on: Palin is an unadulturated idiot; then again, most politicians are. 😉

    • I too can appreciate those I disagree with if at least they make a persuasive argument. I must check out this piece I wrote again. I had started the blog out of political frustrations. It’s not always water cooler talk, politics. Often times, people are attached so strongly to particular issues that all the common issues are pushed aside. And those wedge issues are the worst. Palin is particularly frustrating for me because I would so love to help promote women in leadership positions… But she’s one that makes me run for cover. There are so many hundreds of thousands of extremely brilliant, eloquent, philosophical, prolific, inspiring, transcending, gutsy, strong, and far more intellectually superior to Palin, yet she was getting the fanfare. Now Bachmann. Ugh.

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