Photos of Palin’s ‘Supermom’ Life… DISCUSS!

Normally, I would site my sources… but I’m gonna keep this one quick and to the point.

Women of America, stop comparing your work ethic and your abilities as a mother to Sarah Palin.

From time to time, over the Internet, on the TV, and in print I keep reading and seeing these discussions on ‘women having it all’.  One sub-story to this topic is the question of women juggling children with work… the guilt… the shame… then it usually off shoots into sexism, gender inequality, parental bias…

Look, let me do you all a frick’n favor and tell you to just stop.  Stop.  Stop it I tell ya.  You’re comparing yourselves to an unqualified, self-appointed martyr who lives in Alaska.

Now, not to say I know all there is to know about Mrs. Palin’s life, but I use to live in Montana.  Montana, like Alaska, is one of those states where nature is paramount and the common man can fulfill their dreams of frontier life with the conveniences of some modern innovations.

Montana is pretty laid back.  Sure, you hear stories about some local drunk who got in a fight, somebody who got busted for crystal meth, or somebody who shot their friend in the face with a shot gun by accident… but for the most part, life is simple.

Typical Wasilla Congestions

Typical Wasilla Congestion

There aren’t a lot of stop signs, traffic lights, or street congestions.

There isn’t a lot of diversity, cultural obstacles, or man-made deterrents.

Life is simple.  Quiet.  Peaceful.

Drop the Kids off HERE!!!

Drop the Kids off HERE!!!

You can go to the park without being harassed by a homeless guy.  Gang violence takes a back seat to mosquitoes in a humid summer.  Electric bills are kept low because everyone has a fireplace.  Life is just different.

From what I’ve read, Sarah juggles raising her kids by having the husband do most of the work (I forget his job, I think he’s a career snowmobiler), and alternative weeks extended family steps in.

Sarah’s got a big yard.  Nature all around.  I’m sure her neighbors are nice and friendly.  In a lot of ways, we all would probably love to have Sarah’s life.  The thing is, she doesn’t do it alone.  She has a network of family and small town community that cushions her lifestyle quite well.



Now, I’m not saying this somehow makes it a breeze… but I’m sure she can count the amount of traffic lights to her local PTA meetings and knows the grocery check out girl by first, last, and middle name.

Now, ya’ll are gonna let yourself be judged by this?

Are you all impressed that she shoots moose too?

Dinner is SERVED!!!

Dinner is SERVED!!!

Someone out there can debate this with me, but I’m pretty sure moose are a pretty easy kill, cause they’re big, slow, and dumb… not like deer… deer are pretty quick and nimble.

Palin’s world is an isolated haven in which you can trust nature to embrace your life and keep you safe from… well… the rest of the world… especially the other 48 land locked states (Hawaii is like Pluto).

People move to Alaska for the frontier.  They don’t move there because it resembles Silicon Valley or Detroit… they go there because they want to be defined by nature, therefore they feel nurtured.

I can’t imagine a mother in Chicago or New York running a business, raising 5 kids, and finding time to hunt the local wild game.  It’s just a joke to consider.

If anything, ask yourselves this…

Why are you giving this woman the time of day?  She hasn’t done any work to consider what YOU go through on a daily basis.  God and prayer seem to have the answers to what she doesn’t comprehend.

Her life is a simple life.  Don’t let her complicate your life more by putting her in charge of it.

Stop giving her the time of day.  She’s not THAT important.  With me?

How Does She Do It?

How Does She Do It?


2 thoughts on “Photos of Palin’s ‘Supermom’ Life… DISCUSS!

  1. I’d like to add something to this all…
    In no way am I saying just because you’re from Montana or Alaska that somehow you’re less intelligent than anybody else or up to speed on the world stage.
    But just because you can see Russia on a cloudless day doesn’t mean you can put “foreign policy” experience on your resume.
    Many of the issues, for instance, that may be paramount in Montana, may completely be out of grasp to someone living in New York or LA. The role of the farmer, industry, and technology is going to be different from town to town, city to city, state to state. Brilliant minds come from all around. Not every brilliant mind finished high school or went to an Ivy League college.
    Keeping all this in mind, I didn’t go to an Ivy League school. I myself revert to saying I’m from Montana and Minnesota rather than New York because I prefer my Midwestern upbringing and childhood to allot of the chaos and difficulties I see growing up in ‘The City’. I feel a certain form of virginity by saying I’m from the Midwest. Then again, I’m always shocked to meet someone in New York who I would swear grew up in Kansas or Ohio and discover they were born and raised in the Bronx… ‘where’s the accent and rude behavior???” See, I get caught up in my own judgments.
    And I know parenting is tough no matter where you live.
    But, I can base a certain amount of my experience of living in both the country and rural areas of Montana to that of New York City… and if you’re comparing rural to WORLD STAGE it’s like night and day.
    Even though I’ve always have had an open mind are heart to things outside Minnesota and Montana, it wasn’t until I lived with, dance with, drank with, and argued with people completely outside my rural upbringing that I understood just how much diversity was out there. I didn’t get this diversity until I came to New York.
    Also, by coming to New York, I also realized just how important tradition is. How community IS important. How religion and beliefs, even if you completely disagree with those beliefs and religions, keep certain communities intact.
    But I also know that this novelty of Palin has created so much controversy… people speaking for her, defending her, etc, but the truth is we know very, very little about her. What we do know, or for a least, what I know and perceive, is that her knowledge seems limited for the role of President Next-In-Line, and that your proximity to another land mass doesn’t make you an expert on foreign affairs.
    Furthermore, just because she is a woman people are having this self-loathing, over analysis field day… if she were not a woman, and she was in fact a HE, we would chalk him up to another Dan Qualye and right him off as a joke.
    It’s her contradictions that have entangled us.
    Just because she provokes discussion, doesn’t mean she knows how to have a conversation.
    So on that note… I’ll refrain from criticizing her anymore until I hear her actually share and defend herself on a wider range of topics.
    I would hope no matter what party side you’re on or plan to vote with you’d demand the same.

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