“Charlie” Gibson vs Sarah Palin: Body Language

Watching Charles Gibson’s sit-down with Sarah Palin was like watching someone from Human Resources interview a scrappy kid, hell bent on getting the job, nervous as hell vying for the position but doing their best to exhort calm confidence.

Gibson starts out the interview with papers in lap, peering over his reading glasses, handing out questions as though routine… without any real engagement other than hitting his check list.

Palin, on the other hand, appears overly attentive and punctuating each word with some kind of hand gesture or air punch.  On top of which, many of the questions don’t seem to be answered directly or with a reserved certainty.

I noticed too that Palin is using a more docile voice, or rather her “inside voice”.  She seems to be more confident speaking to masses (ie the You Tube excerpts of speaking at her church or RNC).  Perhaps this is because those events are more under her control.  She appears to be put on the spot and a bit defensive in “Charlie” Gibson’s interview.

As the interview progressed, you can see how Gibson now uses hand gestures to be more emphatic.  Gibson appears to register that Palin is not answering his questions whole heartily or directly.

Palin still uses her gestures and punctuating “Charlie”.  Both Gibson and Palin are using subtle forms of condescension on each other and extreme tolerance.

I leave watching the interview STILL not knowing what this woman is about.  I still can’t believe she can use Alaska’s proximity to Russia as experience in foreign affairs YET has never met any world leaders.

She basically just stated, I’m not qualified for this job.

Jesus, I’ve worked at the UN from time to time… I guess I’m more suited.  I don’t think Palin has this country’s interest at heart, moreso self-interest… if so, she would have figured out some way to meet international leaders long before.

It is evident Palin has longed for some kind of heightened life experience by pursuing beauty pageants and being a local newscaster.

When I think of Alaska I think of all the people I’ve known who either told me they wanted to move there or did.  What usually comes up in the conversation is, “I just want to get away from here…” meaning the other 48 land locked states.  Usually the overtone is about being one with nature, getting away from technology, and living more of a frontiersmen’s life.  I don’t think world politics has been at the forefront of Palin’s inter-monologue.

The truth is, we still know very little about Palin… and we don’t have alot of time to figure out.

Thanks McCain.


3 thoughts on ““Charlie” Gibson vs Sarah Palin: Body Language

  1. Might I add, her constant references to God are quite disturbing… World Leaders should stay clear from religious overtones in order to keep more unified with global diversity.

  2. He seems a little irritated with her…with good reason….My God Sarah…JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION! She’s obviously pretty clueless. His questions are obviously over her head…generic answers are not going to cut it… And just listening to her…someone who constantly uses someone’s first name when talking to them is a tactic used to try to intimidate and gain control. I wonder if she can have an independent thought….she seems to take a lot from what others say.
    And just for the record…she needs to stop wearing skirts and dresses…if you look at the business world for a woman to be taken seriously and on the same level as her male counterparts you wear pants. And she might want to start wearing the American flag lapel pin vs. just the Alaska one…it would show people she is supporting the US not just Alaska. And with the interview done on 9/11 and her sending her teenage boy over to fight, that would have been appropriate to show her support of her son, military and country by wearing that pin. Just my opinion.

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