Palin Throws the Kids Under the Bus… Imagine Your Country

I’m particularly disgusted that Sarah Palin decided to throw her own kid under the bus to pursue her new “world leader” career.

She knew her life would become public and be scrutinized. She could have passed on her nomination… but no… she embraced it.

Now her daughter, her boyfriend, his family, and Palin’s own family have to deal with the sensationalism of press… while GOP supporters ask that “the family” stays out of the press.

There are so many other nominees McCain could have chose, so why Palin?

How can we expect to believe this Republican administration can find Osma, save Iraq, and rely on operative intelligence if they had no …clue about Palin… and if they did know, why use her?

If we couldn’t respond to Katrina, how can we respond to Iraq?

I don’t understand why Levi was on that stage… are they officially engaged? Is everything ok now because they are going to get married? It seems like, “as long as they marry” sex out of wedlock is embraced.

I guess since Palin is pro-intelligent design, anti-abortion (no exceptions), and against birth control this was bound to happen.

I love how marriage is the cure to teen pregnancy, but inconceivable for same sex couples who basically can’t get “knocked up” (therefore their choice in marriage has more to do being with their partner than appealing to religious ethics… although, if you’re appealing to religious ethics sex out of wedlock is still on the road to damnation… so I don’t get it).

She describes herself as a Pit Bull, but I don’t know what is the point in this… she’s gonna rectify Washington??? What is she so stubborn about? What is it she wants… this former beauty queen and newscaster…

I don’t get it. I don’t get her.

What I do get is … GREED and VANITY…

She threw her kids under the bus and parades them as her pride and joy… so then why traumatize them like this… it’s not like she’s already President….



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