Madeline Kahn… One of the Best…

This is just a brief thought on a tremendous career… and this is of Madeline Kahn. She died on December 3rd, 1999 of ovarian cancer. I remember finding out about her death through some news ticker on the Internet. I remember browsing past the news stands daily around that time, for certain I’d see her face splashed across some cover. I was hoping to read humorous recollections from fellow performers and loved ones I never knew. But alas, I found nothing. I saw an Entertainment Weekly which ran a small little snippet that she died… and that was that. So, I take this moment to think of Miss Kahn and leave ya a nice link to read up on .

If her career escapes you, because you were either too busy being conceived, imprisoned, or depressed, I strongly urge you to rent High Anxiety, Blazing Saddles, Clue, Paper Moon, or What’s Up Doc? to name a few of her classics. To get you started, watch this clip from Blazing Saddles.


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