Sponge Bob… Gay Icon (2/8/07)

Spongebob has indirectly become… a gay icon.

Spongebob has indirectly become… a gay icon.

This is in response to the Fridae (www.fridae.com) article about how Dr. James Dobson’s “Focus on the Family” Christian based organization sponsored billboard advertisements for www.exodus.to
The ad reads “I Questioned Homosexuality. Change is possible… discover how… Feb 19”


my response:

Hi. I’m an American.

So, I know about this Focus on the Family program headed by Doctor James Dobson. I played his radio program (he has videos as well) for over 7 years at a radio station I worked at. I didn’t like it, but I had to do it.

The man is a nut. He is of the religious right who believes men and women in business shouldn’t travel together (leads to SEX), abortion is evil evil evil, and gay people aren’t too far behind.

What the Fridae article didn’t mention, but should follow up on, is Dr. James Dobson’s latest victim to attack is Sponge Bob.

If you don’t know who Sponge Bob is, Sponge Bob is a cartoon… the complete title is Sponge Bob Square Pants. Sponge Bob is a sponge who has long eye lashes, wears a neck-tie, likes to moon people, and wears knee high socks. He also likes to hold his friends’ hands, who are various sea creatures… I think he knows a talking mop too. The good Dr. Dobson thinks Sponge Bob’s behavior and attire is of a HOMOSEXUAL. He thinks Sponge Bob is subconsciously sending signals to children to “act” like a HOMOSEXUAL and Sponge Bob is in actuality a HOMOSEXUAL.

Wasn’t it Mickey Mouse’s job to turn everyone gay?

Mickey Mouse… such a strange rodent. High pitched voice, a mouse who owns a dog (Pluto), and his best friend is a dog (Goofy) who talks. Mickey lives in a real f***ed up world. I think Mickey was gay.

And when I last noticed, boys who liked to chime in on who they think is gay or who really is gay, or who should be gay were gay boys themselves… So if the good Dr. is trying to say something, to me it’s: I’M TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY IN THE CLOSET.

Religious wackos leads me to our Prez Bush.

He’s a nut. He recently sent out a call in support of a Christian group against Roe Vs Wade (our big anti-abortion law). The groups he’s supporting want to over-turn it.

Bush claims to be a religious man. He thinks Jesus is his savior. Umm, when I last checked Bush was giving tax cuts to the rich, ostracizing the gay community, and bombing a country. Jesus was for the poor. Jesus accepted everyone (so they tell us)… Bush ain’t no Jesus. How does Bush even come close to being a “good Christian”?

So, why is this country all in a huff?

For awhile there I was thinking it was because we Americans (like many countries) feel the need to have masculine role models (I guess this leads us to Sponge Bob).
People, I think, like Bush cause he seems like a shoot them up, beat them up kind of guy… with a bible. I think all the gayness in the world is scarring people into thinking the world is gonna go gay (so) and if it does we’ll all die or something.

So, let me get this straight, if statistically 10% of the population is gay then that probably means only around 2% actually want to get married. So I’m sure many guys don’t want kids (for various reasons, they shit, they throw tantrums bigger than diva scenes, they’re hard to adopt, they get in the way of career, fashion, and circuit parties). So, that means about 1% (lesbians), or less (gay men) want love, commitment, KIDS! So this means, less than 1% of the world is going to ruin the other 99% lives? How is this, statistically, REMOTELY POSSIBLE????? Yet, people are going to let this 1% ruin and run their lives.

It’s just insane. Just as insane as that North Korean guy wanting everyone’s hair symmetrical and off the collar… talk about another closet case… look out for the North Korean fashion police… and they even have their own TV show dedicated to men’s hair… and I thought Joan Rivers was a bitch.

So, this Bush guy wants to deliver DEMOCRACY. Ok, so democracy can work if it’s done just right… just like many forms of government… but like all forms of government, it can get corrupted at some point and ruin your day… or year… or life.

Our American TV tells us about THE INSURGENCE in Iraq. Somehow, sometime, someplace all these foreign people are busting into Iraq fighting US soldiers and just causing an awful mess. News flash. There is no INSURGENCE. This so-called INSURGENCE are the locals, who without democracy took a vote, and they voted to get America the f*** out.

In fact, I thought Oprah Winfrey was all encompassing… where is the studio audience of Iraqis that asked to be democratic? Couldn’t get that exclusive?

Who ever thought killing someone’s family would make them wanna get out and vote? ROCK THE VOTE, SORRY I KILLED YOUR FAMILY… ROCK THE VOTE!

So, I need to wrap this up… so I’ll keep it tight…

People need to see their bizarre concept of masculinity. Our country voted for it. A President who, even himself has stated he “don’t like to read much”. Ha Ha, very funny. Well, his legacy will be left behind and someone will be left the job to write it for him.

So I leave you with these questions… Whatever happened to men? Men who built bridges, who chronicled their travels, who learned other languages, who taught, who contemplated, who read, who provoked, who provided for their families, and who loved with passion. When did all these qualities become gay? When did they become replaced with the bomb dropping Neanderthals? Why did becoming a cave man, uneducated brute become the in vogue?

How is it gay is viewed as being ‘weak’ and this new apparent version of ‘straight’ is strong?

I realize there are men who exist as more than what their orientation dictations to current fashion. There are gay, straight, and bisexual men who can speak their mind and don’t get squimish at the thought of contact… whether that be with the mind, the soul, or the fist. We just got to get them to the top… we need a new man!

I say, ‘VIVA LA SPONGE!!!’

NEXT WEEK’S TOPIC… with so many countries who have had women presidents, prime ministers and country leaders, why are we so frick’n far behind??? I.E. America or your country.


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