Don’t Wanna Be No Dimmesdale (4/17/08)

A major life lesson for me is learning how to contain my own story and truth without losing myself in all the details.
Remember that story The Scarlet Letter…. ol Hester Prynne is the victim of adultery and Dimmesdale seems to get by with much greater ease.
Some know my recent tribulations and the weight they have carried. But you know, the truth of the matter is we don’t all see things the same… eye to eye. What some see as idle banter, others would declare as fishing for corruption. I feel as if I might come across as a bit of a Dimmesdale because I’ve had a bit more advantages and the upper hand in certain matters. Not to be so cryptic, but some will completely get my drift.
In this day and age of Oprah, the pimping of emotional arcs before commercial breaks, and pop culture psychology, we tend to forget about the experience and pay more attention to the package and how to sum it all up. We all come in different packages. We may not experience joy the same way, pain, sorrow, suffering… The question is can we coexist realizing how truly different we are.
We are not always going to get the opportunity to explain ourselves… why we did what we did… why we are doing what were doing… why what has been done, has been done…
So, I guess what I’m saying is we shouldn’t ever judge another person until we’ve tried to slip on their shoes and walk through their life… see through their eyes.
I sort of feel as if I know someone who is sitting at home staring at his own letter A wondering if he’ll have to wear it anytime soon. Did I give that to him? Was I the cause of that?
He may have to wear it someday soon… but I don’t want it to be because of me. I don’t want to be Dimmesdale… he’s a real jerk. Hester Prynne is whom we all secretly admire.
We should allow negative situations in life, or those situations that resemble the negative transform our character for the better. Assuming may make matters easier to digest, questioning may allow us to progress, but true living is to immerse yourself in the experience without the certainty that you will prevail or accomplish much of anything at all. We need to allow ourselves and others to transform.
I shouldn’t hinder the process. Neither should you. We all got to use our best judgment… I’m going to try and use mine.

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